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Significant Projects Summary

Portman Ltd Iron Ore Shed | Esperance Port (WA) 

As the Electrical subcontractor to Kerman Contracting Ltd, Peak provided the procurement, installation and commissioning of the electrical and PLC control systems for the materials handling operation including integration into the existing port infrastructure.  Project included establishment of site power, dust extraction and suppression systems, materials handling including an overhead shuttle tripper conveyor and PLC control systems and integration in to the ports conveyor and shiploader system.

BGC Cement Grinding Plant and Storage Facility Kwinana (WA)

Working directly for the client, Peak undertook the design and construction of the electrical services for this facility which included the installation of a klinker grinding mill complete with feed conveyors, truck dump, inload and outloading facilities. As part of the project scope Peak were engaged to supply, install and commission HV motor starting equipment, MCC’s, cable support systems for field wiring of all power and control. This included the installation of the Profibus cabling and equipment across the site for the Siemens PLC control network. 


Bootu Creek Ltd Manganese Mine | Tennant Creek (NT) | 

Located about 2 hours North of Tennant Creek, Peak’s scope included the HV reticulation throughout the site, including the installation of the transformers and substation earthing. The LV and controls installation extended to all parts of the process including crushing, screening, conveyors and the HMS plant and water treatment areas where Peak supplied, installed and commissioned the cabling, cable support systems instrumentation and field equipment to vendor supplied MCC’s. 

Geraldton Port Iron Ore Sheds 

In mid 2006 Peak undertook concurrently the construction of two iron ore sheds for Murchison Ltd and Midwest Corporation Ltd respectively. Both sheds included inload and outload facilities with overhead shuttle tripper conveyors and PLC control systems for the operations management and integration in to the ports conveyor and shiploader system. Both contracts were for the supply and installation of all electrical and control elements including MCC’s, cabling and equipment. 


Exmouth Power Station and CNG Filling Station 

Commencing from a greenfields site and subcontracting directly to Burns, Roe & Worley, a division of Worley Parsons, Peak undertook the installation of the electrical and control systems for the new Exmouth 10 MW gas fired Power Station. This included the installation of two switchrooms accommodating HV and LV switchboards, AC and DC power systems and the protection and control equipment. Site works included earthing grids across the site combined with bonding to all structures and the installation of a lightning protection system. Hazardous area classifications were applied in all CNG and LNG gas train and unloading areas and required that Peak ensure all cabling and equipment in these areas were installed in accordance the relevant standards and industry best practice.


Ravensthorpe Nickel Transportable Substations 

Peak’s project scope was for the installation of MCC’s, HV switches and LV and HV VSD’s for 11 switchrooms for the Ravensthorpe Nickel project. These were assembled in sections in Perth which involved the installation of the equipment inside the rooms and cable ladder and cabling installed under the rooms. These were then transported to site in sections where they were joined, reconnected and commissioned.


Murrin Heap Leach Conveyor and Reclaimer 

Subcontracting to Australian Conveyor Technologies, Peak was engaged to carry out the design and installation of the cabling and controls to retractable overland conveyor systems for the heap leach recovery operations at Murrin Murrin. The project included the supply and installation of the MCC’s and control system which incorporated control of an aggolmerator with multiple drive torque control. The project also included fixed and moveable conveyors and MCC’s for stacking and materials transferal.

Koolan Island Iron Ore 

Peak’s package for Mt Gibson’s Koolan Island Iron Ore development (Stage 1 & 2) included the design and construction of the crushing, conveying, stacking and outload to the shiploader conveyors. The scope was later extended to include the electrical installation to the shiploader. Although a difficult project by virtue of it isolation and extreme weather, Peak were able to deliver the two stage crushing circuit, screening and conveying and stacking electrical power and control packages within project deadlines. Included in the works was a 1000m downhill conveyor with a regenerative drive system utilizing the inertia of the product on the belt to generate electricity back into the electrical distribution system.

Esperance Port HV Submains Upgrade

As part of the Esperance Port Upgrade program Peak undertook the relocation and upgrade of several HV substations within the Esperance port precinct including new HV and LV feeders to existing sheds and shiploader, new transformers and switchgear. All of the above had to be delivered whilst working within the confines of an operating high volume port.

CBH Dehulling Plant - Forrestfield

Subcontracting to a joint venture company established between Weston Milling and CBH for the dehulling and preparation of lupins for stockfeed, the plant incorporated a series of cleaning and descaling processes followed by milling and outload to bulk storage. The entire installation had to be carried out to the high standards of a food grade processing plant which required the fabrication of stainless ducts and tubing for cable access to the various machines. Peak’s scope included the supply and installation of the MCC’s , power and control cabling, instruments, field equipment and cable supports to the various items of equipment situated over 6 levels of the purpose built process building. 

Western Metropolitan Recycling Centre-Shenton Park

Peak undertook the electrical and instrumentation scope for the full scale prototype DiCom waste processing plant for AnaeCo Ltd.  The hybrid biological waste process plant converts organic waste into energy and compost and such combined a modern materials handling facility with a hazardous area rated gas collection system and flare.  The project incorporated a plant wide DCS system that connected all electrical euiqpment and instrumentation via Profibus to the plant control.

Cloudbreak Crushing Circuit  

Working for Downer Mining, Peak undertook the design and construction of a crushing and screen plant located adjacent to the main plant at FMG's Cloudbreak mine site.  The scope included a dedicated 3.5 MVA power plant, a three stage crushing circuit, a screen deck and radial stacking.  Peak were engaged to provide a full power and control and SCADA system then proceeding to supply, installation and commissioning of the 500tph plant.

Talison Minerals Low Grade Lithium Plant-Greenbushes (WA)  

Carried out over the Christmas and New Year period whilst the main plant was shut down for maintenance, Peak completed the electrical and instrumentation additions to sand washing and refining process as well as an upgrade to the existing concentrators.  The scope involved the complete fit out of a new section of the plant located adjacent to the existing pland and included MCC modifications and commissioning.  The insturmentation package was an addition to the existing process control and included flow metering and pH measurement.

CBH Lake Grace-Rapid Rail outload and Storage Facility Upgrade

Located at a major CBH terminal in the Wheatbelt, the site rail outload facility was upgraded to accommodate a 100% efficiency improvemnet in their grain handling operations.  Peak were required to install all of the power, control and communications cabling including a fibre optic link between loading systems elements.  The projects also included additions to the existing open bulkhead facilities with additional ground conveyors and stacker outloading facilities.

CBH York-New storage and upgraded rail inload/outload facility

This project involved a new bulk storage facility and grain handling for the new 330m fully enlosed grain storage shed including a new overhead shuttle conveyor fed from the inload conveying system.  Included as part of the upgrade to the rail loading was a elevator conveyor and cross conveyors to move grain to the rail siding silos and outload facility.

Mindarie Resource Recovery Facility

Peak's scope for this 100,000 tonnes per annum waste recovery process plant included 22kV HV distribution to three transformers located across the 5 hectare site for a total installed capacity of 4.5MVA.  Th LV distribution included a ring main controlled via locked bus ties throughout the three main LV switchrooms.  The plant was fully automated utilizing a Siemens PLC and Profibus connected neteworks.  The SCADA system communicated via industrial Ethernet to touch screen installed and several operator stations throughout the plant for monitoring and control.

Under Construction 

  • Iron Knight Crushing and Screening

  • Newmont Mining Ventilations Fans Upgrade (NT)

  • Finucane Island Conveyors

  • Jack Hills Plant Upgrade

  • Extension Hill

  • Geraldton Port