Peak Industrial Electrical
27 Kembla Way, Willeton WA 6155
PO Box 108, Willeton WA 6955

Safety Management 

Peak Industrial Electrical is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all our staff through the maintenance of safe work systems and continuous improvements in safety performance. 

At Peak Industrial Electrical, all managers, supervisors, contractors and employees are responsible for maintaining a safe working environment. 

Employees at all levels are required to follow strict safety guidelines, report any hazards, and inform managers of any injuries to themselves or others. 

In order to achieve the highest safety standards, Peak Industrial Electrical is committed to promoting a positive health and safety culture within the company through the following objectives: 

  • Ensuring adequate resources are made available to establish and maintain safe work systems
  • Complying with relevant statutory obligations for workplace health and safety
  • Providing safe equipment and work systems. 

Peak Industrial Electrical is also in the process of upgrading all systems to be in compliance with the Operational Health and Safety National Code of Practice, as part of our commitment to continuous improvements in safety.