Peak Industrial Electrical
27 Kembla Way, Willeton WA 6155
PO Box 108, Willeton WA 6955

Quality Management

At Peak Industrial Electrical, we offer services in the design, procurement, fabrication, installation and commissioning for all areas of the industrial and mining industries. 

To ensure we achieve a consistently high standard of quality, reliability and safety in the completion of all our projects, Peak Industrial Electrical focuses on a series of key quality objectives: 

  • The employment of trained, experienced and dedicated personnel
  • Continued monitoring and reviewing of company processes and controls to ensure ongoing compliance and improvement
  • Continued training and development of field and office staff
  • Reviews of suppliers’ goods and services against project specifications and their performance throughout project delivery
  • Regular and systematic inspections of works and deliverables to guarantee compliance with technical, contractual and regulatory standards
  • Maintaining a safe and orderly workplace 

In order to consistently achieve these objectives, Peak Industrial Electrical generates Quality Plans for each major project. Each Plan is project specific and in accordance with the Australian Standard AS/NZS ISO 10005:2006. 

The Quality Plan details the systems and processes in place in order to control and monitor any quality issues that arise during the contract review, design, delivery and documentation stages of the project. 

These principles are fundamental to ensure the highest quality service in all our projects. Compliance with these processes is mandatory for Peak Industrial Electrical staff members at all levels.